About Us

From a young man’s dream, to South Australia’s most awarded custom home builder, Scott Salisbury Homes is one of Australia’s great success stories. 

Formed in 1989 and established as the market leader in custom luxury new homes and renovations, our design and construction is unparalleled in the industry and continues to challenge boundaries and set the benchmark in excellence.

Maintaining exemplary standards in styling, service, and reliability of delivery, is important to us and we are proud to have been recognised with over 90 National and South Australian awards, most recently being awarded the 2017 Master Builder of the Year.  As a Company we appreciate the recognition whilst continually striving for improvement and innovation. Every design we produce is embodied by quality and a high level craftsmanship.

As an esteemed and recognised icon, we pride ourselves on our exceptional local talent, experienced and hands on leadership and strong external relationships, all providing a continual drive for distinction.

Our delivery of product and service is respected both within the industry and the community and will ensure a seamless and rewarding building experience.

Scott Salisbury Homes is the definition of excellence.