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When we decided to buy our dream home we were looking for a renovation project, a typical Adelaide stone villa that we could restore and add an extension to.  The trouble was, it seemed everyone wanted the same thing and we quickly found that the condition we’d need to buy a house in would be so bad, that it would need a lot of money spent to make it what we wanted.  After seemingly forever searching we, along with the help of Scott Salisbury Homes finally found the perfect block in the perfect street, with a house that was very small and less than perfect, but workable.  We have always admired Scott Salisbury Homes and renovations for years, and started to talk about the design for our renovation. However, it wasn’t long before we realised there wasn’t too much of the house we wanted to keep, other than the stonework on the front which we recycled on our fire place! So when the Scott Salisbury Homes team suggested we knock it down and start again we thought that could be a new and exciting experience.


It is everything we ever hoped it would be and we’re so thankful for the day we went to Scott Salisbury Homes


Oh, the possibilities of starting from scratch! We looked at reproduction stone villas and modern homes, but then surprised our designer by asking if it would be possible to have a weatherboard house. Now, in Queensland this request wouldn’t be out of the ordinary, but in Adelaide it kind of is! We have always loved weatherboard homes, from lavish Queenslanders to the cute Edwardian weatherboard cottages you see in Melbourne and country Victoria. So we sent our Scott Salisbury Designer a heap of photos of what we were thinking of and he came back with a design that ticked all the boxes.  

After tinkering with the look of it we started to work on the floor plan, which really is the most important part of designing your own home. Of course you want it to look good, but ultimately you and your family will be spending every day there, so it must suit your needs.  I also think this is the biggest advantage of building from scratch, you end up with a home that perfectly suits your life. For us, that meant a separate living space for the kids, work spaces for Phil and I because we work from home and an indoor-outdoor living space that made the most of the big block and brought the outside in. We also wanted it to have lots of light, exposed trusses in the living space, a fireplace and a big beautiful kitchen that would be the heart of the home.























When we’re asked for advice on how to build or renovate our number one tip is to do your research first and I’m happy to say we followed our own advice! It makes such a difference if you start with a clear idea of what you want, because then you don’t get overwhelmed by choices. So collect photos and ideas, have online photo boards where you store every picture that appeals to you, and that will help your designers have a clear idea of what you want.


From the day we poured our slab, to the beams and walls going up, to the final touches, we loved the building process. We were very hands on and loved that our Scott Salisbury team were so across everything but also happy to have our input. We can’t rave enough about their attention to detail and the way the whole build was managed, it all went as smoothly as you can ever hope a build to go!


The day we got our keys and walked through the house, the kids running excitedly from room to room, was one we will never forget. Everything felt like it was in the right place and there because we loved and chose it.

Six months later, we love the house even more. It suits our needs perfectly and works with our busy family life. We can honestly say there is nothing we would change, which is a pretty good feeling!


When we’re in the pool and look back at the house at night we can’t believe it’s ours.


It is everything we ever hoped it would be and we’re so thankful for the day we went to Scott Salisbury Homes with a “renovator’s delight”, a block with potential and a head full of ideas.


Amity Dry



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