Why build with Scott Salisbury Homes?

For over 25 years Scott Salisbury Homes has established itself as a design, quality and service leader in residential building. Whether you are building a new home or renovating in the area you love you have the security of knowing the work is being done by the builder that other builder’s love to imitate. We are SA’s most awarded custom home builder with over 15 years of award achievements.

Who is Scott Salisbury?

Scott Salisbury is a carpenter by trade who began work with his Dad at the age of 17. At the age of 24, Scott started enclosing verandahs and at the same time started playing league footy for Glenelg. Scott is a well-known and respected member of the community. He loves fishing and is married with a son. At the age of 30, Scott started his business, Scott Salisbury Homes building new homes and renovations. Over the last 20 years Scott has worked hard to become the builder of choice for South Australians.

What sets you apart from other builders?

Our people; our staff, our suppliers and trades. They are all committed to delivering quality and service not found elsewhere in the residential building industry and to standing by the commitments we make.

Scott Salisbury Homes demonstrated excellent building quality across all the projects they submitted. Regardless of the complexities associated with their projects they met and exceeded their clients' expectations. The judges were impressed by the workmanship and exceptional building quality. Master Builder's Association 

Can I change plans that you have?

Yes of course. Scott Salisbury Homes has a selection of award winning house designs that you can chose from, or modify to suit. But you can also start with a blank page. Our design team is able to take all your ideas on board to come up with something that works with your needs, your location and your budget.

Can I have a fixed price?

Yes, most of our contracts are fixed price. With this type of contract only your choices can change the price.

What is included in your price?

Our homes are available with a Silver or Black specification or you can opt for a fully customised home. Please talk to one of our new home or renovation specialists about your needs.

We gave SSH our brief of ‘must have’ dot points and their concept designs met every point, including price – which no other builder had done! Mel & David

Do you have designers or do I deal with sales people who draw the plans?

We have our own team of award winning designers. In total they have over 70 years of design experience for new homes and renovations. They have been responsible for winning both State and National building awards. They are with you throughout the entire project.

How do I choose the right builder?

  • Make sure they are licensed and have been around for a number of years.
  • Check that they have done similar type of work before.
  • Speak to their clients and view testimonials.
  • Make sure that you are dealing with a company who has a good reputation and will look after your interests. 
  • Don’t forget that strong brands will improve the value of your investment.

We engaged SSH because of their industry reputation. We wanted the worry taken out of the building process and Scott Salisbury Homes achieved this. Susan & Jeremy

Do you have standard plans?

Yes. As well as providing a custom design service we have a large range of award winning designs that you might chose to use or modify to suit your needs.

Where do you build?

In general we build in the Adelaide metropolitan area and Adelaide Hills - from Gawler to Goolwa, from beach to hills. However, we have also built on Hindmarsh Island, and in Tanunda, Clare, Port Hughes, Wallaroo, Port Vincent and Murray Bridge.

What sort of homes do you build?

The range is huge. Our projects have ranged from quality smaller single storey homes to three storey water front homes, through reproduction Victorian cottages to rammed earth eco-homes, to hill retreats. There is no defining style. We design and build from our client request.

You have created our original idea into something beyond our expectations. The help and guidance you have given us along the way has been invaluable. Shane & Vicky

Do you have a specification/ inclusions list?

Yes, this can be provided at any time.

Can I bring in my own plans / can you quote my plans?

Yes. Although most of the homes we build are designed in-house many clients bring in outside plans and are surprised by the range of designs we tackle.

How long does it take to build a home with you guys?

Construction times range upwards from about 24 weeks depending on size and complexity. We will agree a time frame with you and are happy to include this in your contract so that you know when your house will be ready.

Thank you Scott Salisbury Homes for producing our new home not just on time but way ahead of scheduled completion date. We are extremely pleased with the final result and the quality is very evident, which is one of the reason we chose to build with Scott Salisbury Homes. 
James & Gwen

How do I get started?

One of our sale consultants will help you through the process, starting with an initial consultant, getting some plans drawn up and presenting you with your pricing.

How long before you start building my home?

Once all the council approvals are in place and you have completed your selections we will be onsite within 3 to 4 weeks.

I have a sloping site, are you able to help me with a design?

Yes. In fact we find that people with more difficult designs come to us. We have built many homes on sloping sites, including award winning designs.

Others were quick to point out that sloping blocks could be expensive but no one had the attitude we got from Scott Salisbury…that, ‘yes’ they could get this done and make it work to get the best result. Amy & Craig

What about Green designs, do you do these?

Yes, the Scott Salisbury Group is accredited by UDIA as an EnviroDevelopment adviser and staff have received Greensmart training. We also have a major award for Urban Renewal.

Do you do additions/renovations/extensions? 

Yes. In fact the company started out doing renovations & additions and we continue to do so.  Approximately 25% of our homes are renovations/additions.

Our consultants and award winning designers can help you update your space to suit your lifestyle and increase the value of your home – all without moving! With expertise in both single and upper level extensions, Scott Salisbury Homes are here to help throughout the entire process from initial design right through to completion.

Is there a follow up after handover?

Yes. After 3 months we send our maintenance co-ordinator out to your home to conduct an overall inspection and to follow up on any matters that need addressing.

So many businesses fall over at the follow up hurdle, not Salisbury’s….again, completed professionally and promptly with no rancor. Ann & Kim

Do you have client testimonials/product reviews about Scott Salisbury Homes?

Yes. Our reputation is built around our core values of providing customers with the highest building standards, exceptional quality and second-to-none service. Our client testimonials and our awards are testament to our commitment. 

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